I wish I could present my thoughts in person as eloquently as I can in writing (when I try).


I’m very very very glad I get to interact with so many of you amazing women on here. I know it’s just tumblr, but I have learned so much and had access to educational resources I never would have been made aware of because of you. Thnk u <3

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because they can’t! :)

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Actual quote from my intro to women’s studies teacher: “women’s studies had become problematic because there is more than just women and it enforces the gender binary”

My head literally almost exploded…because actually refusing to talk about gendered issues that strictly impact women is reinforcing the gender binary in that it advocates for overgendering and choice as opposed to real life experiences. Sorry but you can’t identify your way out of the gender binary imposed on you at birth as long as society stays how it is and you would rather make dudes feel good than help women.

never-obey said: HOLY FUCK. Did you say something?

No, but I wish so badly that I would have. I basically froze up and the only support I have in that class was gone for the day, and she’s awesome, but even with her there I’m still really uncomfortable in a room full of people who I perceive as just waiting to argue with me. I’m sure that’s not the first thing on their minds but being surrounded by liberal feminists doesn’t make me feel like it’s a safe environment to have in depth conversations. Because so many of them, from what I’ve seen observing their reactions and discussions so far in class, don’t have a good grasp on the difference between personally attacking them and objectively discussing and criticizing something. I could criticize something I love and they would believe that I hate it when the reality is that nothing is above being dissected and analyzed. I’m in a place where I used to really like this teacher 2 years ago as a libfem, but now things are different and I’m not sure how to gauge how she’ll react to anything I have to say. I’m scared of being ganged up on basically and I really want to stop being afraid and just speak. I’m definitely going to work on it because I will lose it if I have to sit there listening for the next 4 months.

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We’re about to start our “feminisms” unit and boy oh boy can I not wait to hear all the misinformed, misguided boohoo ing about the second wave. Please kill me.

stayuglystayangry said: One time one of my professors straight up said that the 2nd wave didn’t care about rape victims as much as the 3rd wave did, and that the 3rd wave invented Take Back the Night. My jaw hit the floor


Oh my god, that’s awful! And it makes me very sad. I just keep thinking about how our feminist predecessors would be/are completely like ashamed and devastated that third wave “feminism” is basically advocating for taking our sexualized objectification, saying “oh, I want this” and somehow that’s supposed to be empowering and a cure for misogyny and create equal ground. Being coerced in to thinking weaponized femininity is the new feminism, along with the idea that we somehow have control over our objectification is undoing so much of what first and second wave feminists fought against. It makes me so sad that internalized misogyny is now a feminist act, and to be a feminist the only requirement is to ~identify~ as one. But the reality is that a feminist is defined by her belief in destroying systematic harm toward women even at the cost of male disapproval. It’s not an identity sticker, it’s an activist movement meant to liberate women. It’s disappointing to me that people have this mentality that “new is always better” which is definitely capitalistic. Of course third wave is supposedly “better” and more “progressive” - it’s newer and newer implies there was something wrong with the former or that it is outdated.

Hobby Lobby used to not be able to control its employee’s reproductive rights, but now they can. It’s a new legal decision. That doesn’t mean it’s better. I know that’s not the greatest example, but it’s the first that came to mind.

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  • sjw: the word stupid is a slur and we can never ever use it!!!
  • sjw: uwu we're all a bunch of queers!!!! look at us all being being queers we're so queer everyone who isnt straight is a big queer, you queer!!!! uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu
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unfollow me if you think biological sex is a thing”


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I swear to god if I hear one more teacher explanation about how feminism isn’t about hating men and being a bra burning ball buster I’m going to explode
Why are you so afraid of men not liking you and your students’ perception.