I have to be up at 6 ish tomorrow to start moving but I feel really sad and weird and I think I’m gonna get fucked up tonight.



Name: kat
Age: 21
Gender: woman


Food: vegetable pizza with stuffed crust
Drink: non-alcoholic is water, alcoholic is Hpnotq + Mountain Dew
Book: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
Favorite author: Ellen Hopkins
Song: Human by Krewella, Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling and Lzzy Hale, Harmony Parking Lot  Song by Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains…I have a lot
Movie: Twister probably
TV Show: Game of Thrones
Place: Manitou and Colorado Springs, Colorado so far, but I haven’t traveled that much
School Subject: English, Creative Writing, and sociology
Sport: Weight lifting?
Male Actor: I really don’t know. John Cusak maybe? Idk.
Female Actor: K-Stew <3


Significant Other: none ._.
Siblings: 1 brother (18), 1 half brother (10), 1 half sister (13), 1 now-ex-step (12) brother, 1 step sister (8)
Dream Job: painter, writer, social commentator (?), clinic escort, women’s rights activist, animal shelter volunteer. I guess I’ll be a counselor tho. I think I’m going to get a certificate in victim and survivor services, so that puts me closer to what I would like to do.
Fears: car wrecks, my family dying, my cat getting sick, tight, enclosed spaces
Political Ideology: radical feminist, communist/anarchocommunist
Religion: none, interested in pagan things though
Tattoos: 1 really awful one I got on my back at 18. Didn’t research the shop, didn’t know what a bad tattoo was. It’s big and will be hard to cover up and I will most likely have to have some laser removal before proceeding with a cover up. I hate it so much and will never wear tank tops because I don’t want anyone to see it ever
Piercings: 2 6g earlobe piercings, 2 18g earlobe piercings, 1 septum piercing (16g), retired 16g lip piercing
Languages: English, super poor German because I basically threw away a whole semester’s worth of memories from that class


Reason Behind URL: dudes call women cold-hearted bitches for not fucking them. I hate dudes. I will never fuck a dude. I’m a big mean cold-hearted ice queen, boo hoo sorry not sorry
Reason Behind Icon: i usually only have cats, but i put myself for once i guess
Why You Joined:
photo sharing, funny cat pix, stayed for the radical feminism
Hoarded URLs: my old one, hatemen-hailsatan

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tumblr, where repeated statistical evidence becomes ~ just ur opinions~


I’m a lesbian marrying a man



And this is why women who arent lesbians claiming the label ‘lesbian’ is harmful. We get women in love with men and in relationships with them calling themselves lesbians when they are not and perpetuating the idea that lesbians “havent met the right man” or will “end up with a man someday” or “secretly want men anyway”

"Calmer, fatter, pregnant", as she rhapsodizes about Washington Insiders and her hubby and his scent.

Christ, save me from women like this.

You’re marrying a man. You’re pregnant with a child the two of you fucked to conceive.

The fact that he looks like her first girlfriend doesn’t change a thing, and if she thinks he doesn’t talk about “his lesbian” to his buddies, she’s stupid or naive.

Women like this is why men think they can change me. “I’m a lesbian marrying a man”.

Fuck, I’d rather chew glass.

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when did we replace the word “said” with “was like”

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"what classes are you taking this semester"


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i wanna vandalize this fuckers truck.

  • Me and my brother talking about a thing
  • My brother: Keep me out of this, I'm too liberal and....ugh *trails off*
  • Me: *confused* that's not really liberal, that's mostly just selfish
  • My brother: Uh, that's what liberal means



saintjustitude said: did it kill it at least? D:

I hope so D: She picked it up in her mouth and sprinted out in to the kitchen

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